We offer the best TV, internet and home phone plans!

Get the fastest speeds, up to 3 Gbps and 4K TV resolution or even IPTV available on the go with a mobile app! Embrace the speeds of Fibre to the Home (FTTH) or to your Business (FTTB)!

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  • TV in your pockets!

    With the services Kingsville Informatique can offer, you can watch your TV on the go! Watch on demand and recorded content on the go! Even LIVE TV is available everywhere, so you can remain informed while on the go!

  • Fibre to the home

    Our Internet, TV and Home Phone services are powered by the best technology available to date! With our services you get Internet at the speed of light. The right way to go isn't cable, it's Fibre straight to your home!

  • Does your business need internet at the speed of light?

    We also offer Fibre to the business service, so you and your staff can work at the speed of light!