We have the soulutions you need!

Great plans, awesome phones and tablets, with the choice of TWO excellent service providers are available at our Thetford Mines store! Might your needs be for personal use or for your business, we have the solutions you need!

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  • Consumer Mobility

    Offering two of the biggest names in the Canadian market, we have a vast selection of competitive rate plans and the latest and greatest phone on the market.

  • Business Mobility

    At Kingsville Informatique we understand the importance of being connected in the business world, and that's why we offer Canada's best coverage, and only the best devices to suit your needs!

  • Refurbished and Used Phones

    We offer several models of used and refurbished phone, both in store and online! Take a look at our offerings today! No plans needed, absolutely no contracts and zero commitments

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Here's what we can offer!

Multi-Line discounts and more!

You need more than one phone?

Then you might be eligible for a multi-line discount.

Maybe you only require phone, well we've got you!

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Business Advantages

  1. Port-in Credits
  2. Multi-line discounts.
  3. Lot buy-backs
  4. On-site delivery and setup

And much more.

Keep your phone number!

When choosing any of our service providers you can keep your phone number, even if you are not already subscribed!

We can buy your old phone!

Ask a representative for more details.

Mobile Device Management * COMING SOON *

An MDM lets you manage your mobile devices from one place!

Here are some advantages.

  • Set rules and limits on device use
  • Send apps and updates wirelessly
  • Track and secure devices remotely
  • Save time and money on device management
  • Protect your corporate data and network

Our MDM service is compatible with a majority of devices.

Don't have time or patience to handle this yourselves? That's ok, we'll do it for you!